Works in Progress

Various creative projects in progress that will hopefully be released someday!! Since all of them are not released they have super secret short names. Wow~


A one-shot about mysterious priestess, a rookie knight and a demonic outbreak.

FP is a short story I made in hopes of getting more comics under my belt so I can qualify for CAKE!

It’s gory and has a little teeny weeny bit of romance in it.





A lighthearted series about a skeptical girl who finds demons beyond a door that can’t be closed.

EA is based on a dream I had when I was a teenager, about a girl who visits her cousin’s house and investigates a door that mysteriously can never be closed. Behind the door is a demonic portal, and the demons come to harass her and make life exciting in her otherwise boring summer vacation.



A man creates a homunculus that clears a destructive path. He sets off to destroy it while fighting his own inner demons.

APB goes a long way back. It began as a pretty simple RPG Maker 2003 story I made when I was 13. I kept going back and changing the game year after year, and it finally dawned to me that, as much as it was initially very amateurish and poorly made, I still had feelings for this story and I decided to revive it in some way. That way I decided would be a comic series, either 12 or 24 chapters long (about ~300-600 pages). Yes the fact that it has to be either 12 or 24 is important!